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BlueNRG-Mesh is a software solution for connecting multiple BLE (Bluetooth low energy) devices in Mesh networks for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. It enables true two-way communication between Bluetooth-enabled devices in powerful, secure, integrated and range-extending Mesh networks.

The solution is compatible with the ST BlueNRG product family range.

  • 所有功能

    • Mesh network with Bluetooth low energy (BLE) nodes enabling communication between a BLE device and a Smartphone
    • Control and monitor applications involving short packets
    • Advertising packets used for data communication using managed flooding method
    • Multi-hop data transmission up to 126 hops
    • Network node support up to 32,767 nodes
    • Multiple communication scenario
      • Smartphone to node communication with unicast addressing
      • Smartphone to node communication with multicast (Group) addressing
      • Smartphone to node communication with broadcast addressing
      • Node to node communication
    • Secure communication
      • Devices added to a network are provisioned using proven security algorithms using 256-bit elliptic curves
      • All messages in the network are encrypted with AES-128 CCM mode
      • Privacy through obfuscation
      • Protected against security attacks like Brute-force, Bit-Flipping, Eaves Dropping, Replay, Trashcan, Man in the middle and physical insecure device attacks
    • Supported features
      • Publish-subscribe paradigm (up to 10 groups)
      • Node UUID configurable by user
      • Transport layer handling up to 384-byte packets
      • Provisioning and network layer based on Mesh profile v1.0
      • Heartbeat
      • Provisioned node database transfer among smartphones via e-mail and cloud applications
      • Multiple element per node support
      • Key refresh
      • Initialization vector update procedure
      • Whitelist and blacklist filtering
    • Supported models
      • Configuration model
      • Health model
      • Generic model on-off, level example
      • Lighting model example
      • Vendor model
    • Embedded SDK available
      • Demo Application source code for user application development
      • Mesh stack provided as precompiled/object library
      • Support for BlueNRG product family
      • Ready examples for STEVAL-IDB007V1 and STEVAL-IDB007V2, STEVAL-IDB008V2, and X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 with NUCLEO-L152RE
      • Over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrade example for BlueNRG-2 over GATT
    • Android and iOS SDK available
      • Demo App source code available
      • Mesh implementation provided as library
      • Android App available on Google Play Store
      • iOS App available on iTunes
    • Supported devices:
      • BlueNRG-1
      • BlueNRG-2
      • BlueNRG-MS with STM32L152RE
      • Module support for SPBTLE-RFTR (BlueNRG-MS) and SPBTLE-1S (BlueNRG-1)
      • Embedded SDK is easily portable on other evaluation boards using BlueNRG family of products by modifying the board support package (BSP)
    • BT SIG Mesh 1.0 Certification


Getting started with BlueNRG-Mesh