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Device firmware upgrade over Bluetooth using external page EEPROM (M95P32) with BlueNRG-LP or BlueNRG-LPS evaluation board

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The STSW-DFU-EEPRMA is a device firmware upgrade STSW package with support of external M95P32-I EEPROM connected to either STEVAL-IDB011V1, STEVAL-IDB011V2 or STEVAL-IDB012V1 on X-NUCLEO-PGEEZ1 EEPROM memory expansion board.

  • 所有功能

    • Firmware demo for STEVAL-IDB011V1, STEVAL-IDB011V2, or STEVAL-IDB012V1 with X-NUCLEO-PGEEZ1 EEPROM memory expansion board
    • Binary executables can be shared over Bluetooth to the device, which are first written directly to an external M95P32 EEPROM
    • The solution uses STBLESensor classic application available for both iOS and Android platforms
    • Flash upgrade from external M95P32 EEPROM
    • OTA service manager based approach, which includes Bluetooth OTA service, its characteristics and OTA reset manager capabilities
    • Application image not required to include OTA firmware upgrade service
    • Sample application demonstrating complete FOTA service