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This software enables people counting with the VL53L1X long distance ranging ToF sensor. The method consists of using the multiple zones of the sensor-receiving SPAD array to alternatively get a ranging distance from each zone and consequently recognize the movements of a person crossing the sensor field of view. For example, the number of people occupying a meeting room, accessible from a reasonably narrow access, can be counted by detecting the entrances and exits of the attendees.

The SW is a code example for programming the VL53L1X, using the ultra lite driver (ULD) application programming interface.

The SW comes with a zip file containing a user manual that describes how to use the VL53L1X to count people crossing a certain predefined area. The zip also includes an example of the algorithm.

  • 所有功能

    • Software (SW) enabling people counting with a single Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor
    • Easy mechanical integration
    • Battery-operated device possible
    • Ready-to-use application code
    • Zip file provided with user manual and algorithm example