Antenna Matching Tool for ST25R NFC/HF reader family

The STSW-ST25R004 software contains a GUI (Graphical User Interface), to specify the antenna parameters and the target matching. It uses Qucs to perform transient, AC, and S-parameter simulations of the calculated antenna schematic.

AN4974 provides guidance on how to measure the antenna parameters required as input for the STSW-ST25R004 Antenna Matching Tool. With these inputs a proper matching circuit can be calculated.


  • The STSW-ST25R004 Antenna Matching Tool calculates the matching network for the antennas connected to the devices of ST25R family.
  • The STSW-ST25R004 software uses Qucs (Quite Universal Circuit Simulator), to simulate the antenna and matching network characteristics.
  • The software supports the following products: ST25R3910, ST25R3911, ST25R3911B, ST25R3912, ST25R3913, ST25R3914 and ST25R3915.



Description 版本 文档大小
DB3303 DB3303: Antenna Matching Tool for ST25R NFC/HF reader family 1.0 111.92 KB
Description 版本 文档大小
AN5276 AN5276: Antenna design for ST25R3916 2.0 2.75 MB
AN4974 AN4974: Antenna matching for ST25R3911B/ST25R391x devices 2.0 3 MB


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SLA0052 SLA0052: Mix_MyLiberty V1 - SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT 2.12 107.31 KB


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STSW-ST25R004 3.0.16 Active ST Windows installer