意法半导体提供的交钥匙解决方案满足了日益增长的创新需求,实现了效率更高、功率密度更大、待机功耗更低的设计。 可以通过广泛的分立式功率元件、模拟IC和数字处理器来实现。 研究下述评估板,找出最符合设计需求的产品。

Find the best design solution thanks to high-performances Quad-LDO evaluation board

The STEVAL-LDO001V1 allows smart evaluation of four ST's high-performance low-dropout linear voltage regulators specially designed for extend battery life in portable smart devices. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, designs and innovative packaging, designers can select the best solution in terms of ultra-low quiescent current, ultra-low noise and high PSRR, automatic green mode and miniature packages such as Flip-Chip or ST STAMP™.

Discover USB Type-C and PD controller evaluation boards

The STEVAL-ISC004V1 is a STUSB4710 evaluation board embedding a 20V capable DC/DC. The board is ready-to-use, acting as a USB PD provider pre-configured with 5 PDOs. The STEVAL-CCC002V1 is an USB Type-C controller evaluation board based on STUSB1600A. It can be used as a source, sink or dual power role and supports dead battery start-up.

Two new quasi-resonant fly-back SMPS designs

The  STEVAL-ISA171V1 (12 V /15 W, based on the ViPer35HD) and the  STEVAL-ISA162V1 (12 V / 10 W, based on the ViPer25HD) evaluation boards, implement a wide-range AC input voltage, isolated fly-back SMPS (switched mode power supply) operated in quasi-resonant mode to deliver high efficiency (>82% in active mode). They also feature low consumption under no-load conditions thanks to burst mode operation that reduces the average switching frequency and minimizes all frequency-related losses.
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