STM32 Nucleo板遵循简洁的设计理念,是产品原型开发及社区使用的理想工具选择。Arduino™连接器和ST Morpho连接器方便用户轻松针对应用相关应用进行硬件扩展。MCU的所有I/O都能易于访问,该板支持HAL库,可使用IAR、Keil、基于CCC的IDE以及所有mbed™在线IDE。

STM32探索套件是评估STM32 MCU卓越能力的廉价而完整的工具。 它们带有必要的组件,例如MEMS麦克风、传感器、LCD显示器,用来演示特定的器件特性。 HAL库与软件例程方便了用户的评估和原型设计,支持IAR、Keil、基于CCC的IDE。



STM32 Power Shield : EEMBC-approved power-monitoring technology for energy-critical embedded development

To check the power consumption of embedded designs accurately, the STM32 Power shield (X-NUCLEO-LPM01A) provides developers an affordable tool with an ideal measurement range for ultra-low-power devices, such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) endpoints.

The STM32 Power shield features voltage supply to the target from 3.3V down to 1.8V, dynamically monitors the current under various operating conditions from 100nA to 50mA, measures static current from 1nA to 200mA, and also performs direct EEMBC benchmark measurements with a fast acquisition rate of 3.2 Msample/s. The STM32 Power shield has indeed been selected by EEMBC as the reference platform (Energy Monitor v2.0) for the IoTConnect and ULPMark benchmarks.

Firstly, with its built-in display, the STM32 Power shield can be used autonomously without the need of any external equipment. Secondly, its companion graphical PC application STM32CubeMonitor-Power (STM32CUBEMON-PWR) aims at setting parameters of the STM32 Power shield and visualizing the data captured to help developers meet their budget of power consumption. STM32CubeMonitor-Power also optimizes acquisition and parsing operations to flawlessly process the millions of measurements captured every second by the STM32 Power Shield without requiring expensive computers. Furthermore, this application includes a command line version so developers can use their favorite scripting language to perform custom test sessions and exploit all the information in their own applications.

The STM32 Power shield provides an accurate tool to measure the energy consumption of ultra-low-power devices. Together with the STM32CubeMonitor-Power graphical application, users will be able to analyse energy measurements and make better-informed decisions.

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