650V HB2系列-高速(16至60 kHz)


The 650 V IGBT HB2 series, based on trench field-stop (TFS) technology and optimized for applications working at a switching frequency between 16 and 60 kHz and automotive eligible (AEC-Q101 Rev. D), represents a step forward for the HB series.

These medium/high-speed 650 V IGBTs combine a lower saturation voltage (1.55 V typ.) and lower total gate charge compared to the previous HB series, ensuring a minimized overshoot voltage during turn-off and lower turn-off energy in applications.  

The HB2 series also includes IGBTs with three different diode options: protection diode, half-rated and full-rated diode, and it will cover a wide current range (from 15 to 100 A) making it ideal for ensuring higher efficiency in applications working at medium-high frequencies such as welding machines, PFC converters, UPS and solar inverters.

The 40 A version in a TO-247 Long Leads package with three different diode options is already available.

A complete product portfolio, from 15 to 100 A is in development, with a wide offering of power packages (D2PAK, TO-220, TO-220FP, TO-247 Long Leads, and TO-247 4L).

Main characteristics:

  • Very low VCE(sat) (1.55 V typ.)
  • Low QG
  • High robustness and reliability
  • Maximum operating TJ of 175 °C