ST's EOS 8/20 µs power surge protectors and suppressors offer standard compliance to the IEC 61000-4-5 surge standard. Including transient voltage surge suppressors, TVS clamping or Transil™ diodes, ST's EOS 8/20 protection devices:

  • Shield against surges related to power and datalines
  • Fully support both power line and dataline application class requirements

Specific devices are available and optimized for specialized applications such as gigabit Internet, power over Ethernet (PoE), sensor protection, metering and telecom power rails. A large choice of packages, from 0402 to SMC packages, is provided to bring flexibility to designers and reliability to the application.

EOS 8/20 surge protection portfolio


STRVS是首个TVS系列,专门用于在高温条件下保护器件免受重复过压的损害。 重复浪涌可能会提高保护器件的温度。必须根据高结温下的功率能力和高温下的规定箝位电压来选择保护器件。