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Combining the SPC56P-Discovery board and EVAL-L9907 (up to 20A) or EVAL-L9907H (up to 120A) evaluation board with related Graphical User Interface (GUI) STSW-L9907 or STSW-L9907-H, you can easily evaluate your brushless motor control Applications.

The key building blocks of ST’s proposal are an SPC5 32-bit automotive MCU based on the Power Architecture family, an L9907 BLDC pre-driver and 100V MOSFETs for the bridge-inverter implementation.

Particularly suitable for motor control applications, the SPC560P automotive MCU includes specific peripherals such as 6-channel PWM outputs (FlexPWM) which can be used to control each single phase of a 3-phase BLDC motor, two ADCs whose shared signal can acquire the 3-phase current and a Cross Timer Unit (CTU) to completely avoid having to use the CPU for in-time acquisitions of the state variables during the control cycle (PWM cycle, half PWM cycle or number of PWM cycles).

The L9907 is able to drive 6 MOSFET transistors for 3-phase BLDC motor applications. The circuit is suitable for operation in environments with a high supply voltage such as double-battery or 48V systems. Supply-related pins are capable of withstanding up to 90 V. Moreover, the L9907 is able to control its six pre-driver channels independently. In this way it is possible to implement all kinds of electric motor control strategies. The device offers programmability for a base gate output current via an external resistor. It is possible to select among 4 gate output current levels though the SPI bus even while the application is running. All channels are protected against short-circuits and the device is protected against over-temperature conditions.

A wide selection of 100V N-channel power MOSFETs with different output currents and RDS(on) according to application requirements is also part of ST’s product portfolio.    
Each component has its own development toolchain and set of collaterals; a complete motor demonstrator based on this chipset equipped with a FOC control library is also available.