Automotive Seat Positioning Solution



ST Automotive Seat Positioning solution with VNHD7008AY, VNHD7012AY is designed to drive medium and High power DC motors for Seat position subsystem such as Seat Front-Back-High-Recline-Width-Angle, providing proper power capability and heat dissipation. 

ST wide portfolio of Automotive High-bridge motor driver and High-side driver is able to cover also seat comfort subsystem such as massage motor and seat cooling

Power management and connectivity can be performed by Monolithic solution L99PM62GXP, Power Management IC integrating LIN, high speed CAN and two LDOs, tailored for body modules requiring very low quiescent current.

Based on Customer needs, also a discrete solution with improved modularity can be proposed, constituted by L5300x or L5150x LDO family and L9616 High Speed Can Bus Transceiver.

  • 主要产品优势

    Together to the microcontroller, the key product of the solution is the actuator for the DC motor.

    The VNHD7008AY and VHD7012AY are designed in the VIPower M0-7™ technology allowing: 

    • Design flexibility 
    • PWM up to 20KHz
    • Optimized Power Dissipation
    • Not Dissipative current Sensing
    • State of art protections optimized for the DC motor driving applications (i.e. cross current protection)
    • Embedded Temperature sensing
    • External Low Side protection