DC-DC converter ICs ensure robustness and energy-efficiency

Designed for any automotive system

Best-in-class synchronous step-down converter with low quiescent current ensured performance in harsh automotive application

Today automotive systems require robustness, low losses, high efficiency, low size, especially with the electrification of vehicles.

ST offer synchronous step-down converters capable of delivering up to 3 A DC to the load, up to 38 V, with low power consumption, flexibility, and high integration. Qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 1 requirements, A6983 and A6983I address a wide range of automotive applications:

  • A6983: battery powered applications, car body applications (LCM), car audio and low noise applications (LNM)
  • A6983I: isolated IGBT/SiC MOSFET gate driver supply, inverter for smart grid & UPS, electric traction systems, charging station, isolated fail safe system

High efficiency for fewer power losses


High integration for simple design


Feature rich for tailored DC-DC design


Low power for less energy consumption

Use cases and application examples


Maximize light-load efficiency for car body applications with the A6983

The Low Consumption Mode (LCM) is designed for applications active during car parking.


Minimize output voltage ripple and overload current for car audio and low-noise applications with the A6983

The Low Noise Mode (LNM) maintains a constant switching frequency, meeting the specifications for low-noise applications such as car audio.


Make your solution more robust for iso-buck topology with the A6983I

The isolated buck topology requires a regulated, non-isolated primary voltage and one or more isolated secondary voltages, with no optocoupler.


Decrease power consumption and board size for EV/HEV with the A6983I

The typical shutdown current at 2 µA and the compact QFN6 package enhance low power consumption for On Board Chargers (OBC).

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Automotive-grade 38 V, 3 A synchronous step-down converter with 25 µA quiescent current.



Automotive-grade 38 V, 10 W synchronous iso-buck converter for isolated applications.

How to select the right automotive DC-DC converter?

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