Smart Mobility

We are improving mobility by making it safer, greener, and more connected for everyone.

Automotive smart switches

Automotive smart switches

Quad-channel high-side switches with embedded protection, advanced diagnostics and very low voltage operation

Op amp for resolvers

Op amp for resolvers

First high-voltage and high-current dual op amp in tiny packages for resolvers in EVs or high-powered AC or BLDC motor applications

Power & Energy

We are enabling industries to increase energy efficiency and use more renewable energy.



3 integrated step-down regulators with wide input and 1.5-3 A load options for many industrial and consumer applications

Induction efficiency

Induction efficiency

1350 V IH2 series IGBTs boost efficiency, ruggedness, and reliability in induction heating systems

IoT & Connectivity

We are supporting the use of smart, connected IoT devices with the right products, solutions and ecosystems.

Build secure IoT devices

Build secure IoT devices

Develop your next IoT project with the new STM32H5 discovery kit, ideal for high-performance and advanced security applications.

Full occupancy detection

Full occupancy detection

New infrared sensor based on thermal MOSFET technology can detect stationary and moving objects, with sustainability locked in.


9,000+ engineers.


19,500+ patents.


180+ active R&D program.

We have an unwavering commitment to innovation & technology

We innovate to create unique technologies and products that provide our customers the best solutions to address their challenges and opportunities.

robot-industry-factory robot-industry-factory

26 years of sustainability reporting.


24 sustainability goals.


2027 carbon neutrality commitment.

2023 Sustainability report

Our 26th report offers an overview of our sustainability performance in 2022 as well as our long-term goals. We are committed to protecting people and the planet and communicating to our stakeholders with transparency.

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