Smart Mobility

We are improving mobility by making it safer, greener, and more connected for everyone.

Arm-based MCUs for EVs

Arm-based MCUs for EVs

Stellar E1 MCUs enable higher efficiency for power conversion, motor control, and e-drivetrain applications

Safe car body applications

Safe car body applications

How intelligent power switches address challenges in designing compact, efficient, safe, and flexible automotive body applications

Power & Energy

We are enabling industries to increase energy efficiency and use more renewable energy.

Automotive DC-DC

Automotive DC-DC

Compact, monolithic 3 A, 38 V DC-DC converters with low noise and light load modes for superior performance in car body & audio

Robust USB-C protection

Robust USB-C protection

Cost-effective STM32 companion chips interface for USB-C Power delivery with overvoltage, overcurrent and temperature protection (AA)

Cloud-connected Autonomous Things

We are supporting the proliferation of secure, connected, autonomous devices enabled by edge AI.

New STM32 VS Code solution

New STM32 VS Code solution

Eliminate STM32CubeIDE dependency & use STM32CubeMX to generate native CMake projects effortlessly. Tap into a robust debugging environment.

Awaken your system

Awaken your system

New turnkey solution for fully private human detection and motion tracking with TIme-of-Flight sensors!


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We have an unwavering commitment to innovation & technology

We innovate to create unique technologies and products that provide our customers the best solutions to address their challenges and opportunities.

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Run edge AI on microcontrollers, microprocessors, and smart sensors

The ST Edge AI Suite empowers developers to harness the power of edge AI in their embedded applications.

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