Developer resources | AutoDevKit™ fast automotive prototyping brochure

AutoDevKit is a development initiative that aims to offer fast and straightforward prototyping capabilities to teams designing Automotive and Transportation applications.

This brochure provides a complete overview of all the possible hardware and software tools in the ecosystem. The AutoDevKit library, an Eclipse plug-in running under the SPC5Studio Integrated Development Environment, helps to install, set up, and use the functional boards in conjunction with the SPC5 automotive microcontrollers. Discovery boards enable the creation of a reliable proof-of-concept in a few days.

Download our AutoDevKit brochure and choose the right components to develop your application.

AutoDevKit key features:

  • Focus on developing your application without bothering with hardware and software implementation details
  • Assemble and re-assemble hardware and software components without compatibility issues
  • Expand and customize your application adding new components, scaling your microcontroller for cost optimization, changing the compiler, adding a real-time operating system and other Eclipse-compatible plug-ins.

AutoDevKit main applications: 

  • Motor control
  • Power and Lighting
  • Automotive AI on the edge
  • Audio
  • Sensing
  • Connectivity

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