Free professional electrical simulation software for SMPS and analog ICs

If you are designing switch-mode power converters and analog circuits around ST components, ST now offers the eDSim professional simulation software without license fees or node limitations on embedded ST ICs.

eDSim uses the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS simulation engine and piecewise linear models of ST components to enable much faster convergence than alternative approaches involving nonlinearities. Internal testing with the L6983 synchronous step-down converter revealed that certain simulations requiring between 15 and 30 minutes on Pspice only required around 1 minute with eDSim. Considering that designers perform multiple simulation runs to tune their designs, eDSim can reduce simulation cycles for design projects by hours, if not days.

eDSim is part of the eDesignSuite design and simulation environment, where you can design and refine your power circuits starting from application use case topologies, target specifications, and appropriate ST analog ICs, before exporting the finished schematics directly into eDSim for deep analysis.

You can also build schematics directly in eDSim using ST models or simulate SMPS and analog ICs from a list of predefined ST application schematics and test benches that you can modify.

eDSim renders simulation outputs in graphs, including Bode and steady-state or transient response plots and tables according to your preferences. It therefore offers full electrical simulation environment, free of charge, with no capping of nodes and circuit sizes when using ST component models.