Battery pack monitoring, balancing, and protection system for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer cells in 3, 4 or 5 series configurations

Boost battery lifetime and safety in industrial and consumer applications with multicell battery monitoring and balancing IC

With a high-precision ADC to provide cell voltage, stack voltage and temperature conversion via external NTC, the L9961 also monitors stack current via a high-accuracy CSA and includes a Coulomb counter supporting pack overcurrent detection.
In addition to cell balancing and SOC/SOH estimation, the L9961 guarantees protection of the battery pack fuse to prevent fire and explosion hazards, protection of the battery pack against over/under voltage conditions and over/under temperature, protection against over current (both directions) and short-circuit in discharge events.


Key features of L9961

  • Very low current consumption in both deep-sleep mode (i.e. 2 μA) and standby mode (i.e. 5 μA)
  • High accuracy in cell voltage measurements (i.e. maximum error of ± 15 mV in the 1.5 to 4.5 V range, for -40 °C < TJ < 105 °C) with over/under voltage detection and balance under voltage protection
  • High accuracy in battery current measurements (i.e. maximum error of 0.25%) with Coulomb Counting, over current detection and short-circuit in discharge protection
  • Stack voltage monitoring with over/under voltage detection and plausibility check
  • Pack temperature monitoring via NTC sensor with over/under temperature detection and pack fuse management
  • I2C peripheral for device programming and data transfers over I2C bus
  • Hot plug robustness
  • Embedded NVM for configuration parameters storage

Application examples

Cordless power tools Cordless power tools
 UPS and backup energy storage systems
 Battery operated medical equipment


Recommended resources


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User-friendly GUI for L9961 evaluation board

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Discover the many built-in features and advantages of our L9961 BMS device with market-leading accuracy and flexibility to enhance the performance, lifetime, and safety of Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries...