L99LDLH32 - 32-channel LED driver enabling the technology revolution with digital OLED

Add intelligence to smart lighting with CAN FD Light based OLED drivers

An all-in-one 32-channel linear current regulator, the L99LDLH32 embeds a fast, reliable and robust automotive bus interface, fully scalable with flexible customization and ready for Over-the-Air updates.


Specifically designed for automotive exterior (O)LED rear lighting applications, the L99LDLH32 can drive OLED panels with a common cathode thanks to the high-side configuration of the output channels.

It is designed in BCD9sL technology and guarantees up to 35 V output driving capability – to cover a wide range of OLED forward driving voltages – and features 32 regulated current sources able to provide individually programmable current from 1 up to 15 mA to drive each pixel of the OLED panel independently.

The L99LDLH32 is fully compatible with bus mode as well as stand-alone operation and integrates features to support functional safety including a fault status pin, voltage and temperature monitors, no false activation of light function, and no light function operation with low brightness.

Key features

The L99LDLH32 is a smart, all-in-one solution featuring:

  • LED & OLED driver for up to 4096 pixels
  • CAN FD transceiver & CAN FD Light protocol handler
  • Precision oscillator for CAN synchronization
  • Innovative analog features for control and protection functions
  • Programmable logic
  • State machine
  • Non-volatile memory
  • ASIL B "ready"

All the functions supported by L99LDLH32 are integrated in a small QFN48 (7x7 mm) package.

Application examples

rear tail led light OLED Rear Lighting
automotive car exterior led light Exterior LED Lighting
automotive Interior LED Lighting

Recommended resources


The EV-L99LDLH32GEN board provides an easy way to connect L99LDLH32 into existing system.

The STSW-EVLDLH32GEN is the graphical user interface (GUI) dedicated to set and control the 12 V L99LDLH32 devices assembled in the corresponding evaluation board EV-L99LDLH32GEN.

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