Luxury brands: Security made easy

Security for brand protection

Security for brand protection

Implementing security has traditionally required significant expertise. What if we told you that a simple solution is now available? ​


Present on all major smartphones, NFC technology has successfully digitalized our daily transactions, making them more secure and effortless. Contactless payment is a prime example. Today, regular NFC technology is available for brand protection and customer engagement. 

How NFC technology streamlines security

NFC has become an integral part of our daily lives since its introduction 20 years ago. NFC is present wherever 'Tap&Go' exists! NFC relies on two components: one built into smartphones, and one discreetly embedded in a product. The two components communicate through a secure short-range radio link, allowing data to be exchanged between the product and the smartphone. A simple tap is all it takes to authenticate and digitize a product.


A new security-enhanced NFC solution has been crafted for brands, making security easier. 


NFC technology for luxury brands

Security services

Offers a wide range of security features, including passwords, cryptographic algorithms, etc...​

Ultra thin

Easy to integrate into products, 0.5 mm thick — the size of a fingernail. Highly adaptable & flexible. 


Batteryless, durable, waterproof, temperature-resistant, can meet a wide range of end-product constraints.

Key benefits


Effectively fight against counterfeiting and grey markets.

Track & trace

Monitor supply chains, track sustainable practices, product lifecycle, etc.


Create a unique relationship with customers through personalized communications.

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