Luxury brands: How security can drive growth

Looking to protect your brand while growing your business?

Looking to protect your brand while growing your business?

Find the solution to your challenges! Secure your supply chain, protect your brand, and enhance customer loyalty. Easily digitize your products to ensure their authenticity. Create digital certificates, and, perhaps most importantly in these times of change, enable a trusted circular economy.

Digitalization and security as a key enabler

ST unveils its next-gen brand protection solution. Implementing security goes beyond just protection against counterfeiting and grey markets. By digitizing products, brands will be able to guarantee authenticity but also ensure transparency across their value chain and engage with customers at every stage of the product lifecycle—a must to build customer loyalty and meet sustainability goals.


An innovation designed for luxury brands

Strong security

Provides effective protection against counterfeiting and grey markets.

Trusted circular economy

Enables new business models and revenues.

Customer loyalty

Creates a connection with customers throughout their journey.

Key benefits


Guarantee non fungible information (NFT).


Generate digital certificates, passports, digital content, etc.


Gain better control of your supply chain and enable sustainability practices.

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Security made easy

Implementing security has traditionally required significant expertise. NFC changes that in a big way. ​



Blockchain for luxury brands​

Discover how brands can tap into the blockchain to protect luxury goods and build trust with customers.



Meet the new ST25TA-E tag IC

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Protect and grow

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