Multi-channel power management IC for OBC, MCU, and ECU safety applications

power management IC for automotive vision and radar systems

Power management IC for automotive functional safety applications

Requiring only a single chip for each MCU, the STPM066S reduces BOM count, optimizes space and speeds up development.  This automotive-qualified PMIC integrates one battery-connected buck pre-regulator, one boost post-regulator, an LDO and a VREF regulator. The STPM066S simplifies designs thanks to its OTP memory that lets you program key parameters and configure the power-up sequence.

Key features

  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Pre SMPS buck regulator, adjustable via OTP
  • Post SMPS boost regulator adjustable via OTP
  • Post-regulation LDO adjustable via OTP
  • Precise voltage reference adjustable via OTP
  • SPI interface with CRC
  • Programmable slew rate/soft start
  • Programmed power-up phase via OTP
  • Low external component count
  • OV/UV, short -ircuit & temp protection

Key applications

MCU/µP power supply

Image sensing

Automotive radar

On board charger

Recommended resources

STPM066S external components sizing

STPM066S sizing guidelines for external components

Application note

This application note provides recommendations for selecting external components to ensure the best dynamic behavior of your application. Keep in mind that the main advantages of using a multi-regulator solution are the improved integration and scalability compared with a discrete solution.

EVAL-STPM066 evaluation board

Evaluation board for STPM066S multichannel power management IC

Evaluation board

Ready-to-use board provides a cost-effective way to evaluate the STPM066S multichannel voltage regulator that includes a buck pre-regulator, voltage reference, boost post-regulator and linear regulator (LDO) designed for car batteries.

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