Introducing breakthrough technology in EEPROM

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Page EEPROM, the all-in-one NVM

ST brings you a new high-density, all-in-one Non-Volatile Memory family.

Based on ST-patented CMOS NVM technology, combined with over 20 years of expertise in EEPROM development, this Page EEPROM product family is revolutionizing ultra-low power embedded systems and very small IoT modules.

Page EEPROM, the all-in-one NVM

8 to 32Mbit Page EEPROM

Based on advanced 40nm process technology and a new architecture, Page EEPROM goes beyond today's market-standard EEPROMs.

Available in SO8N, DFN8 and WLCSP8 packages, the Page EEPROM product family brings the benefits of Serial EEPROM with breakthrough performance.

Enabling new design possibilities for ultra-low power applications

Industrial or medical IoT edge devices and some consumer wearables implement datalog functions and connect to the cloud for exchanging data packets and downloading firmware in batches over the air. These actions usually require different types of memory devices and are very energy-intensive, yet power concerns in battery-operated modules (instant wake-up, controlled current surge, average power dissipation) are critical for long device lifetime.

An all-in-one memory designed for ultra-low power, efficient data logging and fast firmware upload/download, ST’s highly integrated Page EEPROM simplifies NVM integration, reduces BOM cost and boosts power efficiency.

On-demand webinar: industry-first 32 Mbit EEPROM changes the game for smart devices

    Key Takeaways
  • Learn about the features of the 32 Mbit Serial Page EEPROM
  • Understand what they can bring to your design
  • See the product in action in a demo combining Page EEPROM and tools from the STM32 ecosystem