STSAFE-A120: Attach and protect connected devices and services

Turnkey security solution for connected devices

Turnkey security solution for connected devices

ST introduces its latest authentication chip for connected objects:

STSAFE-A120. Connected to the device host via a simple I²C interface, the companion chip provides security services to enable strong authentication and establish a secure connection with Cloud networks. It runs on a CC EAL5+ platform and comes with security features certified by independent third parties.

STSAFE-A120: a comprehensive security assistant

security-assistant-drawing security-assistant-drawing security-assistant-drawing


Strong authentication

Device authentication by the Cloud with personalized attestable certificates.

Secure connection

Secure device attachment and connection ​to protect data from manipulation and privacy breach.

Secure provisioning​

Customer-specific secrets loaded at ST manufacturing site to secure and ease device configuration​.

Key features

  • Authentication with X509 certificates
  • Secure connection establishment (TLS)
  • Symmetric encryption and decryption
  • Secure data storage and secure counters
  • Signature verification
  • Remote cloud authentication
  • Amazon and Microsoft device enrollment
  • CC EAL5+ AVA_VAN5 certified

Suitable for a wide range of applications


Medical and healthcare

Smart city

Smart home



Build secure IoT devices​

Build secure IoT devices​

Enhance the security of your connected devices. STSAFE-A120 comes with a board and software. The kit is compatible with both STM32 and Arduino ecosystems. Several examples of use cases are available. No security expertise required. ​


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Learn how to protect objects against cloning & counterfeiting

Learn how to protect objects against cloning & counterfeiting

What if device manufacturers could embed a reliable authentication solution in their products to quickly and accurately distinguish genuine objects from counterfeits?

Secure now​

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