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Helping brands grow their business with NFC

Helping brands grow their business with NFC

Looking to elevate your products but don’t know where to start? ST offers a dedicated program that helps brands bring NFC innovation to their products: ST25Connect. ​

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a reliable short-range communication technology. Smartphones, consumer goods, payments cards... this wireless technology is everywhere around us. ​

How NFC can empower brands and their consumers​

From supply chains to consumer engagement, companies only need to leverage one single NFC tag for several use cases. Here are some practical NFC applications:


Product authentication

Fight against counterfeiting and ensure product authenticity.


Product digitization

Engage with your consumers digitally.


Product configuration

Help customers configure their products.


Asset tracking

Track assets for real-time & accurate inventory management.

How brands can differentiate products with NFC

NFC technology can be used in (almost) any application. To understand if and how NFC can help you address your challenges, read your dedicated brochure.



How NFC can help luxury brands grow their business


Heatlhcare and Wellness

Transform healthcare and wellness experiences with NFC.


Pharmaceutical industry

How NFC can help pharmaceutical brands ensure patient safety.


Consumer packaged goods

How NFC can help CPG companies grow their business


Clothing & footwear

How NFC can help clothing & footwear brands grow their business


Sport & fitness

How NFC can help sports brands grow their business.

ST25Connect program: supporting brands from idea to implementation

Do not go alone! ST25Connect brings you the know-how and the partners you need.

In practice, integrating NFC technology in consumer products involves many stakeholders, and requires technical expertise, time, and resources, especially if you are new to NFC. With over 20 years of experience in NFC projects and an active member of organizations like the ISO and the NFC Forum, ST can create a complete and customized NFC solution for your company.

In contact with ST’s NFC experts, we will provide you with advice and a network of trusted partners to help you break down barriers to NFC adoption. We will recommend you the best business partners for your project (inlay makers, tag integrators, certified laboratories), based on your needs, requirements, and location.

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Customization, aesthetic, costs… find answers to your questions on our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page. 

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