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Helping brands grow their business with NFC

ST25Connect, the program that helps you enhance your products with NFC technology

Ever heard of NFC?

    Smartphones, consumer goods, payments cards... this wireless technology is everywhere around us! NFC is a reliable communication technology that can be integrated in consumer products to address many use cases. NFC technology can serve different purposes across many industries, such as helping brands:
  • Fight against counterfeiting
  • Track their assets
  • Address challenges related to consumer engagement

ST25Connect is a program that aims to ensure the best product integration and implementation of NFC technologies.

With ST25Connect, companies from many industries can turn to ST to find support to implement and deploy NFC, from the start to the end of the project, to ensure its success.

ST25 Connect
    • NFC Technology

      NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range, wireless connectivity technology based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabling contactless communication between an NFC reader and an NFC tag. To learn more on NFC technology, visit our learning page.

A whole new world of possibilities with NFC

With one NFC tag addressing multiple applications, companies can use NFC tags across their supply chains for product configuration, product authentication, or asset tracking. Once products have reached end users, the NFC tags can serve as a door to the digital world to foster customer engagement.

Discover the use cases below to learn more about practical NFC applications.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of the ST25Connect program for your company, or if you would like to join the program, simply contact us!

NFC in your solution

What are the benefits of NFC connectivity for your company?

NFC technology can be used in (almost) any application. To understand if and how NFC can help you address your challenges, read the dedicated brochure.



Healthcare and wellness

Healthcare and wellness

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Consumer packaged goods

Consumer packaged goods

Clothing and footwear

Clothing & footwear

Sport and fitness

Sport & fitness

Wine and spirits

Wine & spirits

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A tailor-made solution for your project

    • Consumers expect a smooth and engaging experience when using NFC technology. The integration of NFC technology in your products therefore needs to take into account their specific needs, as well as your end-product design (for example, to ensure there is no magnetic interference with product components). Overcoming the integration constraints and tailoring your NFC design to the target use case require technical expertise and know-how, which our NFC specialists will bring you as part of the ST25Connect program.

      For an overview of the technical design considerations to look out for when designing a product using NFC, read the white paper.

    • The NFC tag’s small form factor allows it to be hidden when necessary, depending on what the NFC tag will be used for. If the supplier wants the tag to be only used for traceability purposes, the tag can be fully integrated into the goods and invisible to the outside world. However, if the tag embeds multiple application possibilities such as traceability and consumer engagement, its location must be indicated so that consumers can easily find the tag in order to read it and access the information it contains.

      Bottle cap

      Bottle cap

      Perfume bottle

      Perfume bottle

    • Once your project is approved/qualified by ST and our partners, we will bring you our guidance and expertise, as well as the support you need free of charge. Once we have defined together how your company can benefit from NFC technology, we will provide a customized solution, based on ST’s portfolio of ST25 NFC readers and tags.

    • Protecting people and the planet has become a major priority today. Companies from all industries are increasing sustainable initiatives worldwide to reduce their impact on the environment and address the needs of future generations.

      With ST25 NFC-enabled solutions, we can help you step up your sustainability programs.

      Read our whitepaper to find out how, or contact us using the form below.

Supporting brands from idea to implementation

Do not go alone! ST25Connect brings you the know-how and the partners you need.

In practice, integrating NFC technology in consumer products involves many stakeholders, and requires technical expertise, time, and resources, especially if you are new to NFC.

With over 20 years of experience in NFC projects and an active member of organizations like the ISO and the NFC Forum, ST can create a complete and customized NFC solution for your company.

In contact with ST’s NFC experts, we will provide you with advice and a network of trusted partners to help you break down barriers to NFC adoption. We will recommend you the best business partners for your project (inlay makers, tag integrators, certified laboratories), based on your needs, requirements, and location.

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