stl120n10f8 industrial low voltage mosfet

STL120N10F8 industrial-grade N-channel 100 V STPOWER STripFET F8 Power MOSFET

N-channel enhancement mode standard level 100V power MOSFET with maximum on-state resistance of 4.6mΩ  at VGS=10V and housed in a PowerFLAT 5x6 package

This industrial-grade N-channel MOSFET features the latest STPOWER STripFET F8 technology with new oxide-filled trench technology delivering very low conduction losses and low gate charge for extremely competitive switching performance.

The STL120N10F8 offers a 40% figure of merit improvement over previous generation devices, ensuring major efficiency gains and reduced EMI in motor-control applications, power supplies and converters for telecom and computer systems, LED and low-voltage lighting, as well as consumer appliances and battery-powered devices such as power tools.

Key features

  • Best on-resistance per area offered by ST for a 100V MOSFET in PowerFLAT 5x6
  • 40% lower FOM (Figure of Merit) than previous 100V MOSFET series in terms of on-resistance per gate charge and in line with the best competition
  • Excellent switching speed through low device capacitances that minimize dynamic parameters such as gate-drain charge, boosting system efficiency

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PSpice library with parameterized models is available to speed up design cycles.

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Discover the features of 100V STPOWER STripFET F8 technology for Industrial applications.

stripfet f8 press release

STL120N10F8 N-channel 100V power MOSFETs combine extremely low gate-drain charge (QGD) and on-resistance RDS(on), giving 40% better figure of merit (FoM) than comparable devices of the preceding generation.