stl320n4lf8 industrial low voltage mosfet

Industrial-grade N-channel 40 V STPOWER STripFET F8 Power MOSFET


The STL320N4LF8 power MOSFET saves energy and ensures low noise in power conversion, motor control and power distribution circuits.

In addition to reducing both on-resistance and switching losses while optimizing body-diode properties, this N-channel low-voltage power MOSFET simplifies system designs and increases efficiency in a wide range of industrial applications.

Key features

The device ensures excellent switching speed through low device capacitances that minimize dynamic parameters such as gate-drain charge, boosting system efficiency.

Application examples

computer Computer and peripherals
servers Power Supplies and Converters
power tools Home and professional appliance
drone Gaming drones
motor control Motor control

Recommended resources

PSpice library with parameterized models is available to speed up design cycles.

Discover the advantages of the first sub-mΩ, low-voltage power MOSFETs in a PowerFLAT (5 x 6 mm) package.

stripfet f8 press release

Cutting both on-resistance and switching loss while optimizing body-diode properties, ST’s low-voltage MOSFETs save energy and ensure low noise in circuits for power conversion, motor control, and power distribution applications.