STSAFE-V500: open platform enabling more connected services in cars​

Enable more services in connected cars with turnkey solutions based on an open platform

Enable more services in connected cars with turnkey solutions based on an open platform

ST's embedded security offer is constantly evolving to meet the needs of developers and support a growing number of applications. Enable more services in connected cars with a flexible platform. Based on ST33K-A automotive-grade hardware and Java Card™ OS 3.0.5, STSAFE-V500 can host multiple applets to provide reliable secure services and robust vulnerability resistance throughout a vehicle’s lifetime.

Key features

Automotive hardware

STSAFE-V500 is based on automotive-grade hardware that is AEC-Q100 grade 2 qualified and supports temperatures up to 105°C.

Secure element

Secure microcontroller with features ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of assets to authorized users.

Open Java Card OS

In addition to turnkey solutions developed by ST, a standard Java API offers compatibility with custom applets.

Suitable for automotive applications

Secure car access

Secure infotainment

Secure Qi charging

Secure gateway

Solution architecture

automotive-secure-drawing-mobile automotive-secure-drawing-mobile automotive-secure-drawing-mobile

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Secure element


Robust automotive-grade & CC EAL6+ certified hardware MCU with 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M35P CPU for connectivity & security applications.




Full turnkey solution for seamless and secure device-to-vehicle connectivity and digital key systems compliant with CCC V3 specification.


Secure hardware and system-on-chip solutions for trusted & connected cars.