State-of-the-art motor drivers in a complete ecosystem for designers

STSPIN family: shorten time-to-market with complete design-in support

Looking for your new home of motor control? Discover STSPIN motor drivers.

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STSPIN32 series

The STSPIN32 series motor drivers integrate STM32 microcontrollers, power management, and gate drivers in a range of multiple intelligent driver variations to answer your 3-phase BLDC application requirements.

stspin32-family stspin32-family stspin32-family


The STSPIN32G0 series features optimized computational power designed for balanced cost and performance in mainstream applications. It integrates a 250 V or 600 V gate driver and a STM32G031 MCU.



STSPIN32G4 enables your high-end applications with extra computational capacity and a high-performance gate driver. Its embedded STM32G431 MCU offers high flexibility in a compact and integrated 9 x 9 mm package.



EVLSPIN32G4-ACT board can be easily connected to industrial sensor node to form a fully connected  smart actuator with sensors and MCU for advanced applications and edge AI capability.

STSPIN9 series

STSPIN9 will drive your concepts in brushed DC and stepper motor applications. The highly integrated and robust product series offers high scalability, multiple driving options, advanced motion control, power and EMI optimization, and the flexibility to cover a wide range of operating scenarios from 5 to 58 V.



Scalable 4.5 A dual full-bridge driver housed in a compact 7 x 7 mm package.



Scalable 5 A full-bridge driver housed in a compact 5 x 5 mm package.