Ultra-precision 5 V operational amplifiers

Focus on precision, low current consumption, and high stability

High accuracy op amps enabling enhanced performance and energy saving

Today sensors are everywhere and we need to constantly measure almost everything (weight, UV, temperature, speed, current, etc.). Even though we live in an increasingly digital world, most sensors are still purely analog and generally provide an extremely small signal. The challenge is to deal with low-amplitude signals and safely transfer them into the digital domain without introducing any error. This is made possible by choosing the proper operational amplifier that perfectly fits the need for precision. ST offers the TSZ series with low-power, zero-drift operational amplifiers in space-saving packages for both automotive and industrial applications. They use a chopper-stabilized architecture that provides very-low offset voltages and near-zero drift.


High-accuracy signal conditioning


Low power instrumentation


Motion detection


Automotive current measurement

Use cases and application examples


Maximize the accuracy and stability of the measurement in automotive applications

Automotive shunt-based current measurement in several applications, like automotive Battery Management Systems (BMS), on-board chargers (OBC), inverters.


Increase the quality and the accuracy in a wide range of industrial applications

Industrial high-accuracy signal conditioning for Pyroelectric passive infrared (PIR) sensors, smart scales, arc-fault detection, flow transmitters, wired lightning control.


Improve the accuracy and robustness for measurement and test solutions

Zero-drift low-noise signal amplification for data acquisition units, digital multimeters, semiconductor automatic test equipment, high-sensitivity piezoelectric accelerometers

Discover our offer

Based on a chopper-stabilized architecture that provides very-low offset voltages and near-zero drift, ST’s zero-drift op amps are the ideal choice when the highest precision matters. The TSZ series is automotive-grade qualified, available up to 125°C, 150°C, or 175°C in space-saving packages (DFN, SC70, SOT23-5, MiniSO).


TSZ18 series

5 V zero-drift, -very-high accuracy (Vio ≤ 25 μV), GBP 3 MHz operational amplifiers.



5 V zero-drift, very-high accuracy (7 μV), GBP 1.6 MHz operational amplifier.


TSZ12 series

5 V zero-drift, very-high accuracy (5 μV), GBP 400 kHz operational amplifier.

Key features

  • Low-input offset voltage and excellent common-mode rejection (CMR) for accurate measurement on the whole operating range
  • Zero-drift feature even in the presence of temperature fluctuations for stable measurement without need of calibration
  • Low-frequency noise cancellation for high-gain applications
  • Extended temperature range for wide application uses
  • Low-quiescent current amplifiers for energy savings

How to select the right 5 V precision op amps?

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