VIPerGaN PWM controllers with 650V GaN HEMT for charger and power supply innovation

Advanced quasi-resonant offline high-voltage converters with E-mode GaN HEMT

The VIPerGaN series of high-voltage converters are designed for medium-power quasi-resonant zero voltage switching (ZVS) flyback converters. The devices can provide up to 100 W output power over a wide range.

The complete set of integrated features ensure extreme flexibility and ease of use in high efficiency offline power supply designs. The ZVS quasi-resonant operation with dynamic blanking time and valley synchronization reduces switching losses and maximizes overall efficiency at any input line and load condition. The advanced power management with low quiescent helps achieve low standby consumption. The feedforward compensation minimizes variation of output peak power over the entire input voltage range.

The devices include output overvoltage, overtemperature, and overload protection to considerably increase end-product safety and reliability. The device also integrates brown-in/-out protection and input overvoltage protection (iOVP) protects the system from abnormal rises on the input line. All the protections are in autorestart mode.


Key features

  • Quasi-resonant (QR) flyback controller
  • 650 V E-mode power GaN transistor
  • Embedded sense FET
  • Dynamic blanking time and adjustable delay functions for valley synchronization to maximize efficiency at any input line and load condition
  • Valley lock to ensure constant valley skipping
  • Advanced power management for less than 30 mW standby power consumption with adaptive burst-mode
  • Output OVP protection
  • Input voltage feedforward compensation for mains independent OPP variation
  • Brown-in and brown-out protection
  • Input OVP protection
  • Embedded thermal shutdown
  • Frequency jitter for EMI suppression

Application examples

pc-adapter Adapters
charger Chargers
fridge Home appliances
airconditioning Air con
television Consumer
industrial Industrial


Recommended resources


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The EVLVIPGAN65PD is a 65 W USB Type-C® Power Delivery 3.0 adapter reference design. It is an isolated power supply with a standalone USB PD controller. The evaluation board implements at the primary side a quasi-resonant flyback converter based on the VIPERGAN65 HV converter with optocoupler feedback for voltage regulation.

15 V/50 W QR flyback converter based on VIPERGAN50 and SRK1001 synchronous rectification controller

The EVLVIPGAN50FL evaluation board implements a 15 V-50 W SSR isolated flyback converter developed for general purpose application, operating from 90 to 265 VAC. The reference design is built around the VIPERGAN50, a new advanced offline high-voltage converter by STMicroelectronics.




45W QR USB Type-C PD adapter reference design based on VIPERGAN50, STUSB4761, and SRK1001

The EVLVIPGAN50PD 45 W USB Type-C® Power Delivery 3.0 adapter is a USBPD reference design solution. It is an isolated power supply based on the VIPERGAN50, a new offline high-voltage converter from the VIPerPlus family with a 650 V HEMT Power GaN transistor, designed for quasi-resonant flyback converters, capable of providing an output power up to 50 W in wide range.



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Boost your SMPS design

The VIPer series high-voltage converters meets the most demanding energy-saving regulations combining avalanche-rugged power transistors or innovative HEMT GaN transistors with state-of-the-art PWM control circuitry, as well as comprehensive features and built-in protections.