On-demand Webinar: TCPP01-M12: Type-C Port Protection for STM32 applications

Learn about TCPP01-M12, an USB Type-C Port Protection. Perfect companion device for general purpose MCU and STM32 with UCPD (built-in USB-C Power Deliver controller).

Join us for this one-hour webinar and learn about TCPP01-M12, our single chip type-C port protection enabling a safe, efficient and low-cost migration from USB legacy connectors type-A or type-B to USB Type-C™ connector. The TCPP01-M12 features 22 V tolerant ESD protection as per IEC61000-4-2 level 4 on USB type-C connector configuration channel (CC) pins.

This session will firstly go over some general aspects of the USB Type-C port, presenting its protection requirements and the STM32 portfolio related to it. Then, it will focus on the TCPP01-M12 itself presenting its characteristics, applications and technical resources.


  • The USB Type-C™ connector
  • USB Type-C protection requirements
  • TCPP01-M12 companion chip for STM32
  • Application & Resources
  • Summary / Q&A