Webinar: VIPerPlus AC-DC Aug 15 2018

When every mW counts:
Optimizing power supply design with VIPerPlus

Discover how ST’s new VIPerPlus flyback and buck converters enable higher performance and reduced costs in power electronics systems

During this one-hour webinar, we will discuss ST’s best-in-class technology for AC to DC converters with integrated MOSFET, including details on their features and the benefits that can be derived, along with some application examples. You will learn about the advantages that the VIPerPlus series has for your power supply needs, including our competitive advantages for lowest system cost.

Thursday, August 15th 2018

You will learn:

  • The benefits of the VIPerPlus series, and how to use these devices in your applications
  • How this new series can improve the price/performance ratio of your application


  • Introduction to the evolution of the VIPer family technology from past to present
  • Main benefits of the new VIPerPlus series versus the older VIPer products , as well as our competitive advantage
  • ST’s VIPer portfolio product portfolio
  • Application examples with key benefits for system cost reduction
  • Real-time Q&A
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