Getting brushless motors under control: techniques, approaches and solutions


Effective BLDC motor control requires careful consideration of various technologies and approaches involving power management, position sensing and feedback, and control logic.  

PMSM and brushless DC motors are replacing DC brush motors in a growing number of applications due to their superior performance in terms of efficiency, noise and reliability. In this white paper, we walk you through the general principles and certain application requirements, and show you how ST can help you master every aspect of brushless DC motor control. 

We provide two case studies. The first involves Power Tools, and how efficient and compact power electronics are critical for designing ergonomic handheld casings and extending battery life. The second case study focuses on FOC design and getting the most out of your control algorithms.

This white paper covers the following topics:

  • Driving a brushless motor
  • Specific application needs
  • Getting started with BLDC motor control
  • Case study 1: Power Tools
  • Case study 2: Improving efficiency in FoC Designs