On-demand Webinar: ST’s power management solutions for IoT and industrial applications

Digital MEMS sensors

Discover ST's efficient and innovative power management solutions.

This webinar  will focus  on buck  regulators for working voltages of up to 60 V and applications with particularly low quiescent current demands. The presentation will also cover low dropout linear regulators for 5 V and 24 V buses as well as our STPMIC1 power management IC. The presentation is approximately 45 minutes long, and is followed by a 15 minute Q&A session with our engineers.

What you will learn by attending the webinar:

  • Buck regulators with working voltages up to 60 V
  • Nano-quiescent buck regulators for 5 V buses
  • High-performance LDOs for both 5V and 24V buses
  • The STPMIC1, featuring 14 output rails and a high level of configurability
  • Wide portfolio of ESD protective devices


    Jacob Wischmann

    Jacob (Senior Application Engineer) joined ST in June 2017. He specializes in power management products and related components, such as DC/DC and linear regulators, LED drivers, eFuses, protective devices, and has recently worked on the development of the STPMIC1 Power Management IC.

    Noor Aizad

    Noor Aizad (Technical Marketing Engineer) joined ST in February 2020 covering technical Marketing in Central Europe for sensors and analog products. Additionally working on STPMIC1 Power Management IC

    Alessandro Massimino

    Alessandro (EMEA Marketing Manager)  joined ST in April 1996. He focuses on the design of power management products and related components, such as DC/DCs, LDOs, LED drivers, eFuses, Signal conditioning, and ASICs.