On-demand Webinar | High-voltage super-junction MOSFETs for Car Electrification

Replay our one-hour webinar to learn about increasing power density on EV converter using Super-junction Automotive-grade MOSFETs

This on-demand webinar provides a high-level view of High-Voltage Super-Junction MOSFETs for Car Electrification and how our products can support your hybrid and fully electric vehicle designs.

Discover our high-voltage MOSFET portfolio dedicated to the automotive applications with a main focus on our advanced high performance ACEPACK SMIT package.

You will learn:

  • How to improve the system efficiency
  • How to increase the power density
  • How to optimize thermal dissipation


  • Overview of high-voltage super-junction MDmesh MOSFET technology
  • Key characteristics to consider when designing car electrification solutions
  • Specific advantages of using high-voltage super-junction MOSFETs in automotive applications
  • How ST’s ACEPACK SMIT package technology can help your automotive designs

The Q&A session at the end of the webinar has been recorded for you to learn even more from the questions and answers raised during the live webinar session. 



Antonino Gaito

After earning his Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering, Antonino Gaito joined ST in 2002 as an application engineer in Power Bipolar applications lab before moving to the Applications and Market Development team a few years later where his main focus was helping customers improve the efficiency of their high-frequency power conversion and DC/DC converter solutions.
Today Antonino is a Strategic Marketing Manager conducting research to identify and develop new power management technologies and products.


Alberto Tenerello

After earning his Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering in 2000, Alberto Tenerello joined ST as a product engineer for Flash memories. In 2005, Alberto moved to the 3D integration team focusing his work on the signal integrity of the substrate used for routing before moving to the Planning team where he improved substrate purchasing methods and helped planners coordinate delivery activities and meet corporate targets.
Today Alberto is part of ST’s Power Transistors division where he helps automotive engineers find the best solution for their applications based on our high-voltage Power MOSFET portfolio.