Smarter end-to-end supply chains combining blockchain and NFC/RFID technologies

    WHITEPAPER: Smarter end-to-end supply chains  
Combining blockchain and NFC/RFID technologies

The internationalization of flows has brought about more complexity in business management. Supply chains are now managed at a global scale, take outsourcing strategies into account and integrate wide product portfolios. It is therefore critical to build a smarter end-to-end system to track product flows and share accurate information among supply chain stakeholders.

Pairing blockchain technology with RFID/NFC solutions is a technical means of eliminating supply chain complexity, making flows more transparentmore secure and automating administrative operations using smart contracts. NFC technology indeed offers safe connection to data about the product’s origin, certifications, and journey through the supply chain. This provides key benefits for all stakeholders from suppliers, to partners to customers.

ST is one of the early pioneers of NFC/RFID technologies and has developed turnkey solutions using the ST25TV Type 5 NFC Tag ICs to address today’s challenges in logistics management.

This whitepaper covers the following topics:

  • The new challenges to be addressed in modern supply chain management
  • Blockchain technology as a game-changing technology, which unlocks new potential for traditional databases and current architectures
  • When blockchain technology meets NFC technology: digital pairing
  • Key benefits for stakeholders
  • ST25 NFC / RFID series: a blockchain-ready ecosystem for high performing IoT solutions

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