Whitepaper | AutoDevKit™ cost-effective R&D for improved time-to-market

AutoDevKit is a development initiative offering fast and straightforward prototyping capabilities to teams designing Automotive and Transportation applications, turning the usual several-month design effort into a few-day or even few-hour experiment!

In this white paper, discover how our common platform development environment and our tool ‘designed by engineers for engineers’ can help you integrate complex systems and also expand feature sets of new applications.

A comprehensive development flow and toolset, AutoDevKit lets engineers quickly evaluate and design prototypes in a common, integrated and flexible environment supporting complete ECU-like development.


AutoDevKit’s value for your development:

  • Focus on your application, while simplifying the hardware and software implementation
  • Assemble and re-assemble HW and SW components without compatibility issues
  • Expand and customize your application adding new components, scaling your microcontroller for cost optimization, changing the compiler, adding a real-time operating system and other Eclipse-compatible plug-ins
  • Royalty-free and professional-grade development ecosystem, with free SW and low-cost HW

AutoDevKit main applications:

  • Motor control
  • Power and Lighting
  • Audio
  • Sensing 
  • Connectivity

AutoDevKit aims at democratizing transportation technologies, making it possible for any engineer to start to innovate.
No matter if you are a consultant, an electronic manufacturing company with an R&D team, a second-tier automotive company, an automotive aftermarket company, or any other type of company bidding for a project, AutoDevKit is your best ally!