Webinar: BlueNRG-Mesh solution

Join us for a 1-hour webinar on how to boost performance and efficiency in smart industrial sensor and actuator networks using ST's IO-Link communication products and tools

Discover the key advantages of using our IO-Link Master and Device nodes when implementing smart industrial sensor and actuator networks. Thanks to their very efficient power stages, our IO-Link ICs are able to drive heavy loads with minimum power dissipation, ensuring application flexibility and providing a high level of embedded protection and compactness.



You will learn:

  • Key benefits and advantages of using IO-Link technology for Industry 4.0
  • Key benefits of using ST's L6362A Device and L6360 Master physical layer transceiver ICs
  • How to get the most out of the STM32 Nucleo development platform for IO-Link including a user-friendly GUI to examine real IO-Link communications using TEConcept's firmware
  • Off-the-shelf solutions for quickly implementing an IO-Link networking solution


  • Overview of the IO-Link networking standard and its advantages in Industry 4.0 compared to conventional systems
  • Technical characteristics and architecture of ST’s L6362A Device and L6360 Master physical layer transceiver ICs
  • Overview of the STM32 Nucleo development platform for IO-Link, TEConcept's firmware and graphical user interface
  • Review of Arrow's new IOLinkChips solutions to reduce software development time and cost


A senior application engineer at ST's Power Application Laboratory in Prague, Vojtech ELIAS focuses on integrated solutions for Industrial Automation applications.  
Head marketer for Factory Automation in Europe, Milos HOFMAN has over 15 years' experience at ST in developing system-oriented evaluation tools for smart power products.   
Marketing manager for ST's Industrial Solutions in the USA, Marc LAUDANI developed ST's strategy for high-voltage Power MOSFETs, with a special focus on Super-Junction MOSFET, SiC MOSFET and GaN HEMT devices.