On-demand Webinar: Rad Hard Point-of-Load

Register here to watch our one-hour webinar in replay and discover how ST Time-of-Flight proximity and ranging sensors can beat content level monitoring challenges.

We will show you how can solve all manner of goods, liquid and even waste level management issues with ST Time-of-Flight proximity and long distance ranging sensors.

We will begin by presenting the principles of Time-of-Flight sensing, and then move on to how you can implement ST ToF sensors with proprietary FlightSense technology in viable level monitoring and management applications. We will talk about goods inventory management in smart shelves and vending machines, liquid level control and waste management, among other things.

This on-demand session covers the following:

  • The benefits ToF sensors in content level management applications
  • How to choose the right sensor for your application
  • The evaluation and development tools at your disposal
  • Where you can source comprehensive design resources and software code examples

Bonus: live Q&A session included with feedback from ST’s experienced speakers.

Our ST FlightSense Time-of-Flight proximity sensors accurately measure distances to targets with very low power requirements. These all-in-one packages combine invisible IR light emitters and SPAD receivers (Single Photon Avalanche Diode) in a very small footprint for easy integration in your projects.


  • Introduction to ST FlightSense™ Time-of-Flight technology and roadmap
  • Focus on Content Level Management use-case, features and benefits
  • Focus on some applications improved by the Content Level Management enabled by our Time-of-Flight sensors
  • Development tools and ordering codes

Our speakers:

Hervé Grotard

Marketing manager Hervé Grotard has been with ST since 2000 and is responsible for Time-of-Flight sensor product strategies and business development in ST Imaging division..

Thomas Viart

Marketing engineer Thomas Viart has been with ST since 2016 and is a key contributor to the development and promotion of new Time-of-Flight sensors.



STは、STの製品およびサービスに関するニュースレター、広告、およびその他の特定のターゲット・マーケティング資料を(直接、またはSTの現地関連会社あるいは販売代理店を通じて)お客様にお送りするため、お客様がSTに直接提供する、および / またはSTのウェブサイトでのお客様の行動を通じて提供する個人データを、個人情報保護方針に従って利用します。お客様の個人データは、ヨーロッパ連合域内および同連合域外の国にあるSTの現地関連会社および販売代理店に提供されることになります。STの現地関連会社および販売代理店の一覧は、当社のウェブサイトの個人情報保護方針で確認することができます。特定のターゲット・マーケティング資料をお客様にお送りするために、お客様がSTに対して直接および / またはSTウェブサイトでのお客様の行動を通じて提供する情報は、STが別な状況(例えばお客様がST、STの現地関連会社または販売代理店と取引関係を結ぶ場合など)でお客様から取得した他の情報と統合される場合もあります。