On-demand Webinar: Enhancing power density in SMPS with MasterGaN: the world’s first System-in-Package based on GaN

Register here to watch our one-hour webinar in replay and discover the benefits of using GaN technology to create smaller, more efficient SMPS, and learn how the MasterGaN family can be used (e.g. possible topologies, maximum power, maximum frequency).

When designing switched-mode power supplies, the main figures of merit are efficiency, size, and cost,.These parameters are closely related. Power density is a key metric for power system designers: it is a measure of how much power can be processed in a given space. There are major limitations to achieving the more compact and efficient power solutions. Overcoming power losses and thermal performance challenges requires innovations in switching properties, IC packaging, circuit design and integration.

GaN power FETs are radically changing the power engineering world by enabling high-speed, increased efficiency and higher power density never before possible with silicon MOSFETs

MasterGaN devices offer:

  • High efficiency due to reduction of switching and conduction losses and elimination of reverse recovery loss
  • Higher switching frequency, enabling higher power density solution, up to four times smaller than with silicon MOSFETs. This improvement translates in smaller, lighter, very compact power supply
  • MasterGaN integrates in one package one half-bridge high voltage driver and two GaN switches. This integration allows to ease application design, simplifies PCB layout and creates more robust solution.

This on-demand session covers the following:

  • Identify the advantages of using GaN technology in high voltage converter architectures
  • Explore the benefits of integrating GaN half-bridge with gate drivers and bootstrap diode
  • Review tips for designing high voltage converters with MasterGaN
  • Learn about thermal considerations for MasterGaN


Stefano Pucillo

Pucillo has an extensive background in the semiconductor industry developing new products from engineering, marketing, and product management perspectives. Stefano holds a master's of science in electronic engineering from Politecnico of Milan (2003). He started working in STMicroelectronics in 2003. He joined Industrial and Power Conversion division in 2017 as Product Marketing engineer in charge of GaN-based systems in package products.

Francesco Ferrazza

Ferrazza received a degree in electronics engineering in 2007 at Politecnico of Milan. He started working in STMicroelectronics in 2007. He joined the lighting and conversion business unit as application engineer responsible for lighting products. In 2012 he joined the offline converter application team working for professional and high-end LED driver application supporting a large number of projects including European Commission projects. In 2017 he was involved in smart charging applications. During this experience he contributed to the definition and support of customer-oriented products specialized for high speed and high efficiency AC/DC controllers. He is author of several technical documents and articles and holds five patents about power conversion solutions.


STは、STの製品およびサービスに関するニュースレター、広告、およびその他の特定のターゲット・マーケティング資料を(直接、またはSTの現地関連会社あるいは販売代理店を通じて)お客様にお送りするため、お客様がSTに直接提供する、および / またはSTのウェブサイトでのお客様の行動を通じて提供する個人データを、個人情報保護方針に従って利用します。お客様の個人データは、ヨーロッパ連合域内および同連合域外の国にあるSTの現地関連会社および販売代理店に提供されることになります。STの現地関連会社および販売代理店の一覧は、当社のウェブサイトの個人情報保護方針で確認することができます。特定のターゲット・マーケティング資料をお客様にお送りするために、お客様がSTに対して直接および / またはSTウェブサイトでのお客様の行動を通じて提供する情報は、STが別な状況(例えばお客様がST、STの現地関連会社または販売代理店と取引関係を結ぶ場合など)でお客様から取得した他の情報と統合される場合もあります。