Become familiar with solar energy generation and distribution systems with battery storage

On-demand webinar

Watch this webinar replay to understand the fundamentals of grid-connected inverter systems with battery storage and the main trends driving renewable energy applications.  
The power converters used in these systems are becoming increasingly complex. In addtion to converting the energy available from the renewable source into AC power these systems provide several additional functions such as leveling out peaks in electricity use (peak shaving), shifting loads and providing emergency backup and frequency regulation to ensure grid stability and power quality.

Energy storage battery systems are often combined with renewable energy sources to smooth out varying and intermittent loads. Monitoring the system and providing communication with computer networks is also very important. As a result, companies must design and build smarter more efficient inverters that rely on advanced semiconductor components such as SiC and GaN transistors.

Your key take-aways from this webinar: 

  • A look at major trends of energy generation applications driven by new systems embedding battery storage
  • An overview of ST’s comprehensive portfolio covering all the main functions used in these systems
  • A particular focus on ST's new GaN transistors, GaN drivers and SiC power modules
  • Insights on ST's new technologies and products and their capabilities


Speaker :

Rosario Attanasio

After earning his PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Catania in 2006, Rosario joined ST as a senior application engineer. Today as an application engineering manager, Rosario focuses his work on helping customers find the best solutions for their motor control, offline power supplies and lighting applications.