[Webinar] VIPower: Integrated Power Solutions

Driving the Next Generation of Intelligent Power Control for 12/24 V DC systems


Content from: Wednesday, November 13th, 2019


Discover how ST’s integrated smart power solutions can help you to reduce cost, improve reliability, and optimize board space.

Watch the 1-hour webinar recording to explore ST’s leading edge, fully-integrated smart drivers for lighting, power distribution, heating, and brushed DC motor control, based on the latest generation of ST's well-known VIPower™ technology.

VIPower (Vertical Intelligent Power) technology provides integrated control, protection and diagnostics for medium/high power loads, including those found in the highly-demanding automotive environment.

The session will also show you how to select the optimal power solution for your application based on specific design specifications, using our free TwisterSIM™ design simulation tool.

You will learn:

  • the benefits of using high side, low side, & integrated H-bridge drivers
  • how to reduce cost and improve reliability, with minimal space requirements
  • ideas on various implementations and their advantages
  • how to optimize your design using ST’s easy-to-use design simulation tool



Aravind Mathsyaraja is a senior Technical Marketing Advisor for STMicroelectronics' Automotive & Discrete Group. With an extensive background in power electronics and distribution, he is passionate about implementing smart power products in electronics designs that enable cutting-edge and affordable technology across all application segments.