Power Schottky trench technology

100 V trench Schottky diodes for industrial and automotive applications

The STPOWER trench Schottky diode family features avalanche capabilities for improved ruggedness. Compared to standard power Schottky diodes, the voltage drop of this diode family is 100 mV lower, which along with lower switching losses, render the new 3 A 170 V Schottky diode in SMA Flat package ideal for LED lighting and other applications involving high-frequency and high-temperature operation.

Key features

  • Higher performance and system efficiency
  • Optimized for high frequency switching applications
  • Wide range of space-saving package options

Key applications

Switched-mode power supply

Low voltage DC-DC

Auxiliary power supply

LED lighting

Difference in efficiency between trench power Schottky and standard power Schottky diodes

Trench Schottky diodes have even higher efficiency than standard Schottky diodes due to their low forward voltage drop and fast switching capability. This means they produce less heat and are more energy efficient, making them ideal for high-performance applications that require low power consumption and high reliability.

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