600/650 V MDmesh M9 and DM9 superjunction power MOSFETs

Improve your power stage

Boost efficiency in servers, telecommunications,
EV charging and solar applications

Boost efficiency in servers, telecommunications,
EV charging and solar applications

The 600/650 V STPOWER MDmesh M9 and DM9 series provide the best FOM (RDS(on)*Qg) currently available in the market. This results in an increased power density and more compact system solutions getting this result in two ways, providing:
- a smaller RDS(on) coupled with lower Qg in a fixed package vs previous technologies
- or the same RDS(on) coupled with lower Qg in a smaller package vs previous technologies.

Designed for a wide range of industrial applications

Renewable & high power

  • Solar (M9 and DM9)
  • Energy generation & Storage (M9 and DM9)
  • EV charging station (M9 and DM9)
  • Industrial power supply (M9 and DM9)
  • Fast Charger (M9 and DM9)



  • Telecom Power/5G (M9 and DM9)
  • Server & Datacenter (M9 and DM9)
  • AI Server (M9 and DM9)

Industrial motor control

  • Specific to MDmesh DM9 series

Package innovation and versatility

The MDmesh M9/DM9 series MOSFETs are offered in a variety of packages to suit different application needs: 

  • through-hole packages (TO-220, TO220-FP, and TO-247 long lead or 4-lead);
  • compact SMD packages (SOT223-2, DPAK, PowerFLAT5x6 HV, and PowerFLAT8x8 HV with Kelvin pin);
  • innovative performance packages (leadless TO-LL and top-side cooling HU3PAK for highest power density and thermal efficiency).

Key features and benefits

Best figure of merit (RDS(on) x Qg) on the market

  • Specific to MDmesh M9 series
    • Improved dynamic dv/dt for higher robustness
    • Higher power levels
    • Increases power density for smaller designs
    • High efficiency and low switching losses
  • Specific to MDmesh DM9 series
    • Improved diode reverse recovery time (trr)
    • Higher dv/dt (120 V/ns) and di/dt (1300 A/µs)
    • Optimized body diode recovery and softness


MDmesh M9 series

MDmesh DM9 series










TO-247 long leads




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