ACEPACK™ SMIT surface-mounted package with top side cooling for industrial and automotive power conversion


The ACEPACK™ SMIT package features a Direct Bond Copper (DBC) metal-isolation-metal substrate placed on the top side of the package to improve thermal coupling with heatsinks. This frees the circuit board PCB of silicon dissipation to allow lower temperature operation and higher design flexibility.

With its low electrical parasitic inductance and low thermal resistance, the package delivers a flexible internal DBC design that enables various electrical circuit solutions from single switch to multi-die topologies in the 1 to 50kW power range. Its molding compound offers outstanding resistance to moisture and heat for automotive and industrial applications. 


The ACEPACK SMIT can house different power semiconductors, including silicon IGBTs, MOSFETs, diodes, thyristors, and silicon carbide (SiC) devices. UL 1557 recognition for Viso up to 4.0kVrms/60sec is ongoing.

Application examples




On Board Charger
(automotive or industrial)

EV Charging

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ST’s product portfolio includes 650V half-bridge super-junction MDmesh DM6 MOSFETs in ACEPACK SMIT. These devices are  AQG-324-qualified, which ensures high electrical efficiency and low thermal dissipation. They are tailored for DC/DC converters for both the OBC and the high-voltage to low-voltage section.
The ACEPACK SMIT modularity feature is now exploited with the newest, IGBT-based, half-bridge STGSH80HB65DAG topology. This new configuration is suitable for the PFC leg of on-board chargers and is lined up to the existing, well-consolidated, single-switch STGSB200M65DF2AG, which is specific for traction inverters and charging station applications. This half-bridge topology housed in the flexible ACEPACK SMIT package is based on the IGBT HB series including an antiparallel diode, and enriches SMD products portfolio for car electrification.

In addition, the new STTD6050H-12M2Y module embedding thyristor and diodes can be used as an AC-DC half controlled Bridge rectifier, while the STTH60RQ06-M2Y fast rectifier module is tailored for output rectification for 400V EV battery. We also released the STTN6050H-12M1Y, a 60 A 1200 V thyristor controlled half bridge in ACEPACK SMIT module. All products are AEC-Q101 qualified in order to meet the requirement for automotive hybrid and EV power converters and AC or DC charging stations.

ST's product offer in ACEPACK SMIT will also include SiC MOSFETs (SH16M12W3AG available within Q2 2024).

Our automotive grade STPOWER devices, housed in top-side cooling surface-mount packages, also include devices in the HU3PAK package.

Typical application diagram for an on-board charger (OBC) based on an ACEPACK SMIT package