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Embedded Processing

STM32 Artificial Intelligence Developers Lab

Demonstration of artificial intelligence and machine learning on the STM32 MCU family using ST boards. Applications demonstrated: human activity recognition, predictive maintenance and several machine vision such as face identification, facial expression recognition, image classification & gesture recognition.

  • Face identification, facial expression, gesture & object detection using STM32H747 and STM32Cube.AI
  • Advanced Human activity recognition using SensorTile.Box
  • Predictive Maintenance using Cartesiam Nanoedge AI on ST Sensortile

ST parts: STM32 Cube.AI

STM32MP1 Processor: Cloud Connected Gateway with Remote Sensors

Using the STM32MP1 as the core of a home gateway, we enable cloud connectivity with AWS IoT Greengrass and interface to a local sensor network with LoRa and BLE.

  • STM32MP1 general purpose microprocessor for embedded Linux and real-time applications
  • Flexible multicore architecture addresses various markets and applications
  • Robust ecosystem for simplified development and accelerated time to market

ST parts: STM32MP1

The STM32H757 Dual-Core Evaluation Board Demonstration

The demonstration shows five video objects, four are MJPEG video streams that run in parallel along with video of computationally intensive Fractal module. This demo shows the difference between using dual vs single core. When in dual core CPU load is lower than when single core is used.

  • Application Focus: Rich Eco-system, TouchGFX, AFE, CubeAI target designs for Graphics, Voice UI, AI
  • High performance: Dual-core up to 3224 CoreMark, Single Core up to 2424 CoreMark
  • High integration: 2 MB Embedded Flash,1.4 MB embedded RAM, Graphics accelerators, Crypto, SBSFU, SFI

ST parts: STM32H7

Enhancing the User Experience with Graphics

The STM32 product family empowers advanced graphics capability for a wide range of products.

  • High end graphics solutions enabled by the STM32MP1 microprocessor based on OpenSTLinux
  • High performance and cost optimized graphics solutions based on STM32 microcontrollers
  • Robust ecosystem, with TouchGFX graphics framework and wide range of partner solutions

ST parts: TouchGFX, STM32MP1, STM32 MCU

Secure New Designs with the STM32Trust Security Ecosystem

STM32Trust offers a robust multi-level strategy to enhance security in new product designs utilizing our STM32 Microcontrollers and STSAFE secure elements.

  • STM32Trust is the security framework combining our knowledge, ecosystem and security services
  • The STM32Trust solution offers a complete toolset for code and execution protection
  • STM32Trust ensures IP protection, data secured, and validated credentials are used

ST parts: STM32Trust



STM32WL, Long Range Wireless Microcontroller - LoRa SoC

At CES2020 we showcased the worlds first LoRa SoC, the STM32WL. We enabled a smart price tag use-case where we simultaneously changed the price on multiple price tags through an online gateway. We connected several end nodes to a Multitech gateway through an Actility network server.

  • STM32WL world's first LoRa capable SoC
  • Highly integrated, low power, Sigfox and multi modulation capable
  • IoT security included in a single system on chip device

ST parts: STM32WL

Zigbee Mesh using STM32WB

At CES2020 we showcased the dual core capabilities of the STM32WB in a Zigbee mesh network. A Zigbee mesh network of 18 nodes with one coordinator was created. Each node would read the NFC data from an attendee card, display it on a touch screen and send the attendance data to the coordinator.

  • STM32WB dual core, low power architecture, highly integrated
  • Bluetooth LE 5.0, Zigbee, Thread and 802.15.4 capable
  • IoT security included in a single system on chip device

ST parts: STM32WB

ST25DV-I2C for NFC Smart Phone Communication

Explore the features of NFC using your smart phone and the ST25DV-I2C Discovery board. Use the NFC ST25DV-I2C fast transfer mode to create a secure connection between an IoT device and a Smart Phone.

  • Upgrade wirelessly the firmware of stand-alone electronic systems
  • Maximize power saving in battery-operated NFC-enabled systems
  • Improve data security

ST parts: ST25DV-I2C

ST25RU3993-EVAL UHF RAIN Read Performance

Use the ST25RU reader to enhance your UHF inventory performance.

  • Suitable for use in portable and battery-powered equipment such as mobile phones
  • Tag read rates of up to 700* tags/s (16-bit tag EPC length)
  • High sensitivity and high immunity against the effects of antenna reflection and self-jamming

ST parts: ST25RU3993

Motor or LED Intensity Controlled by the NFC ST25DV-PWM

See how you can set the PMW level with the ST25DV-PWM and an NFC transceiver.

  • Wireless setting of PWM for in the box configuration
  • Dedicated area to store the Digital Signature
  • Protected by a 32 bit password and 64 bit UID

ST parts: ST25DV-PWM

Bluetooth LE 5.0 Certified Modules

The BlueNRG-M2 is an easy to use module with the entire Bluetooth® low energy stack and protocols embedded. The module provides a complete RF platform in a tiny form factor. Radio, embedded antenna and oscillators are integrated to offer a certified solution and accelerate time-to-market.

  • Bluetooth® low energy system-on-chip application processor certified module, compliant with BT v5.0
  • M2SA with SMPS regulator, 32 KHz LSE oscillator and high efficient chip antenna; M2SP with PCB Antenna
  • BlueNRG-2 Wireless Processor Cortex-M0 @ 32 MHz, embedded 256 kB Flash & 24 kB RAM with data retention

Application boards: X-NUCLEO-BNRG2A1, STEVAL-IDB008V1M

ST parts: BlueNRG-M2Sx

Ultra-low Power, High Performance, Sub 1-GHz Transceiver

The S2-LP is a high performance ultra-low power RF transceiver, intended for RF wireless applications in the sub 1-GHz band. It is designed to operate in both the license-free ISM and SRD frequency bands at 433, 512, 868 and 920 MHz, but can also be programmed to operate at other additional frequencies in the 413-479 MHz, 452-527 MHz, 826-958 MHz, 904-1055 MHz bands.

  • The S2-LP shows an RF link budget higher than 140 dB for long communication ranges
  • The best solution for battery operated system thanks to low peak current and ultra low power mode

Application boards: STEVAL-FKI868V2

ST parts: S2-LP



Wireless Charging

Complete low power, small form factor wireless charging system, based on STEVAL-ISB045V1 (TX) and STEVAL-ISB68WA (RX) reference designs. The RX is embedded in a SensorTile.box, to demonstrate the viability of wireless charging in a IoT environment.

  • Complete end-to-end solution for low power systems, up to 2.5 W 20 mm coil (TX) and 15 mm coil (RX)
  • Based on a standard Qi architecture and protocol for a robust and repeatable implementation
  • Scalable to 1 W of power with even smaller coils (15 mm TX and 10 mm RX)

Applications: Wireless sensor nodes, Wearable devices, Medical

ST parts: STWBC-WA (TX), STWLC68 (RX)

HV Digital Power Controller

150 W Digital Switch Mode Power Supply with PFC and LLC Stage featuring STNRG011 digital combo controller. Fast and easy digital power supply design with maximum configurability and high-end performance.

  • Wide configurability and calibration of the key application parameters through intuitive GUI
  • Power monitoring, communication and black box recording through UART/I2C interface
  • Maximum efficiency and low no-load consumption, compliant with major energy directives

ST parts: STNRG011, EVLSTNRG011-150

Ultra-low Power Converters

Expanding the VIPerPlus family of offline converters with Viper12 and Viper31. Efficient AC/DC converters with integrated high-voltage MOSFET. High performance converter for offline flyback and buck converters.

  • The VIPer31x is an energy saving SMPS for applications up to 16 W. Standby power < 10 mW
  • The integrated 730 V MOSFET of the VIPer12x provides an optimized BOM for AC/DC buck converters
  • Bring a Plus to your design with VIPerPlus. Simplified BOM, high efficiency, high-voltage

ST parts: VIPER31, VIPER122, STEVAL-VP12201B

Very Low Quiescent Current, Low Power Buck Converter

The ST1PS01 is specifically designed for applications where high efficiency and PCB size and thickness are key factors. The output voltage can be set dynamically using two digital control inputs.

  • 500 nA input quiescent current at VIN=3.6 V (not switching)
  • 94% typical efficiency at 1 mA load (VIN=3.6 V, VOUT=3.3 V)
  • Dynamic output voltage selection (D0, D1)

Applications: Wearables, Portable, Sensor Supply

ST parts: ST1PS01, ST1PS02


Filters & Protections

IPD for RF filtering

The IPD technology consists in the integration of passive devices on a highly resistive substrate (glass or HRSi) for best isolation and performance in RF applications. It allows to design a variety of complex filtering functions (low-pass filters, band-pass filters, multiplexers, couplers, baluns).

  • RF filtering up to 50 GHz, high level of integration, ultra-thin, stand-alone, SiP, high level of isolation
  • Customizable, integration, high quality factor of passive components, low insertion loss, high rejection levels
  • Flip-chip, monolithic devices, BOM cost reduction, high reliability

Applications: 5G, 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi, UWB, mm-wave

ST parts: BALF-NRG-02D3, BALF-SPI2-01D3, BAL-CC1101-01D3, CPL-WBF-00D3, DIP1524-01D3, MLPF-WB55-01E3

ASIP around the MCU

The ASIP technology allows for the integration of basic active functions (ESD protections) alongside passive components (R, L, C) to design application specific filters. Smart ASIP offer the possibility to integrate additional more complex functions (transistors, logic control, charge pumps, LDOs).

  • ESD protection, EMI, filtering, signal conditioning
  • Customizable, integration, BOM cost reduction, reliability, monolithic devices
  • Companion chips for MCUs

Applications: Buttons, audio signals, high speed ports, antenna, video signals

ST parts: TCPP01-M12, EMIF01-1008AF4, EMIF02-SPK02F2, HDMI2C1-6C1, ECMF4-2450A60N10



SensorTile.box Ready-to-Go IoT Node

ST makes IoT sensing easy with a certified and ready-to-connect device. The SensorTile.box development kit enables users with any level of experience with sensors to learn, prototype and develop IoT sensor nodes embedding our IMUs with Machine Learning core.

Applications: Wearable, Asset tracking, Distributed intelligence

Application boards: STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1


Developing with Sensors Made Simple

Learn to design with ST's newest and most advanced motion and environmental sensors with an easy-to-use STM32Cube development ecosystem.

Applications: Wearable, Asset tracking, Distributed intelligence, Industry 4.0

Application boards: NUCLEO-L476RG, X-NUCLEO-IKS01A3

ST parts: LSM6DSO, LIS2MDL, LIS2DW12, STTS22H, HTS221, STTS751

Sensors and Solutions for Industry 4.0 Applications

The STWIN SensorTile wireless industrial node (STEVAL-STWINKT1) is a development kit and reference design that simplifies prototyping and testing of advanced industrial IoT applications such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Learn more about ST’s Industrial Sensors.

Applications: Industry 4.0

Application boards: STEVAL-STWINKT1

Sensing Solutions with Machine Learning Capabilities

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the increasing need for data acquisition at the network edge, ST products and solutions enable the emergence of new innovative applications. Discover the reasons and challenges for moving intelligence to the edge and how semiconductors can overcome the challenges. Learn more about Explore Machine Learning in Sensors.

Applications: Wearable, Asset tracking, Distributed intelligence, Industry 4.0



FlightSense™ Time-of-Flight Ranging Sensors

This presentation gives an overview of some of the broad range of use case our FlightSense portfolio of ranging sensors can address, including robotics, smart buildings, logistics, reflectometers, LiDAR, medical applications, consumer and personal devices.

Applications: Touchless buttons, Room occupancy monitoring

ST parts: VL6180V1, VL53L0CX, VL53L1CX/CB, VL53L3CX

Going Further with FlightSense

Learn more about the FlightSense family with this presentation that provides an overview of our portfolio, details on products features and performance, as well as the ecosystem of hardware and software tools to start your design.

Applications: Touchless buttons, Room occupancy monitoring

ST parts: VL6180V1, VL53L0CX, VL53L1CX/CB, VL53L3CX

Op Amps

Precision operational amplifiers are the primary link between analog sensors and the digital world; The demo shows a CO sensor with signal conditioning performed by TSU111 zero drift amplifier, the best combination of high accuracy and low current consumption.

  • TSU11x op-amps offer an ultra low-power consumption per channel of 900 nA
  • Min supply voltage of 1.5V allow the TSU11x to be supplied by a coin type Lithium battery
  • High accuracy of 150 µV and 11.5 kHz GBP make the TSU11x ideal for battery powered analog sensors

Applications: Wearable, Asset tracking, Industry 4.0

Application boards: P-NUCLEO-IKA02A1

ST parts: TSU/TSZ precision operational amplifiers