Luxury brands: How the blockchain can protect your business

Brand protection in a modern world​

Brand protection in a modern world​

Protecting brands is crucial for the success of a business and building a loyal customer base that trusts products’ authenticity. Once limited to cryptocurrencies and security experts, the blockchain has now become an essential tool for brand protection. This immutable and decentralized database guarantees products’ traceability and authenticity in the digital world. When paired with NFC, it provides optimal physical goods’ security. ​

Blockchain for brand protection: step by step

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How brands can easily tap into the blockchain

While the blockchain provides ample security benefits in the digital world, companies often struggle with bringing their physical products into the digital world. NFC technology offers a practical and well-established solution to this problem. NFC is a wireless technology that can be completely hidden into a product— 500 microns thick only. Brands can easily integrate NFC into their products to successfully digitize them. ​

ST offers a brand protection solution compatible with Blockchain technology. With ready-to-use security features, this innovation provides a simple way for brands to implement effective brand protection in a modern world. 

Blockchain: Benefits of creating a digital twin​

Immutable database

Records transactions in a secure and decentralized manner, for tamper-proof and verifiable data storage.

Transaction recording

Guarantees authenticity in the digital world by creating an unalterable record of transactions.

Proven technology​

Successful implementation in cryptocurrencies and NFT, and rapid adoption in many industries.

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Security made easy

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