PAGE EEPROM: Boost accuracy and battery life in asset tracking


New 8 to 32-Mbit memory for asset tracking

New 8 to 32-Mbit memory for asset tracking

The Page EEPROM, ST’s latest memory, has been designed for efficient datalogging and fast firmware upload/download in battery-operated devices. This innovative memory combines the power efficiency and durability of an EEPROM with the impressive capacity and speed of a Flash memory.


The ultra-low-power Page EEPROM not only helps extend the battery life of asset trackers, but also enables the collection of more data. And that's not all— designers enjoy lower BoM costs!

Page EEPROM: Collect more data on battery-powered devices

Maximize battery life

Conserve power for what matters most.

Greater accuracy

Collect more data without draining the battery.

Lower BoM costs

2-in-1 solution, combines the benefits of a EEPROM with a Flash.

Key features

Endurance & retention

ECC, 500K cycles per page (-40 to +105°C), 10 years of retention.

Ultra-low power

Peak current control below 3 mA, consumption divided by 10 vs Flash.


Byte granularity like EEPROM, no software emulation needed.

Firmware management

Fast erase, block erase (4 ms), FOTA downtime reduced 

Choose your device

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32-Mbit Serial SPI

-40 °C to +85 °C, available in SO-8, DFN8 , WLCSP8 package



16-Mbit Serial SPI

-40 °C to +85 °C, available in SO-8, WLCSP8 package



8-Mbit Serial SPI

-40 °C to +105 °C, available in SO-8 package



8 Mbit Serial SPI

-40 °C to +85 °C, available in SO-8, DFN8 package

Asset tracking solutions

wide-range-of-asset wide-range-of-asset wide-range-of-asset

The Page EEPROM is an excellent choice for asset trackers that monitor physical data such as precise geolocation, temperature, humidity, shocks, and more. Its ultra-robust design makes it perfect for use in factories, warehouses, cold chains, and even remote wilderness areas. With wireless connectivity, the Page EEPROM enables easy data transmission and remote firmware management, all while minimizing power consumption.

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