From 8 to 32-Mbit

Next-gen memory: blending EEPROM with Serial Flash


Serial Flash & EEPROM: What if a bridge existed?

Serial Flash & EEPROM: What if a bridge existed?

Serial Flash memories are high-density (1 Mbit-2 Gbit) with high-speed operation, which simplifies firmware management. EEPROMs are ultralow power memories with high cycling endurance and retention. Robust and reliable, EEPROMs are ideal for monitoring data and storing sensitive parameters.


Selecting between a Serial Flash and an EEPROM once involved complex trade-offs. ST's Page EEPROM innovation is changing that. 

Page EEPROM: the ideal choice for battery-operated devices

With its ultralow power consumption, the Page EEPROM is an ideal choice for battery-operated applications such as IoT trackers, wearables, monitoring and medical devices, or tiny camera modules. The Page EEPROM comes in three densities: 32, 16 & 8 Mbits.


Combining the advantages of Serial Flash and EEPROM memories, the Page EEPROM provides the flexibility to manage application firmware similarly to a Serial Flash while offering intensive data logging capabilities like an EEPROM.  

Top benefits

Easy datalogging

Reduced FOTA downtime

Extended battery lifetime

Key features

  • 32, 16 & 8 Mbits
  • Write byte flexibility and page up to 512 bytes
  • 1.6 V to 3.6 V
  • Temp range -40°C up to +105°
  • 0.5 mA for 10 MHz read
  • 2.5 ms typical page write time
  • 1.1 ms typical page erase time
  • 1.2 ms typical page program time
  • 500K write cycles per page
  • Error Correction Code and 100-year data retention

Choose your Page EEPROM



32-Mbit Serial SPI

-40 °C to +85 °C, available in SO-8, DFN8 , WLCSP8 package



16-Mbit Serial SPI

-40 °C to +85 °C, available in SO-8, WLCSP8 package



8-Mbit Serial SPI

-40 °C to +105 °C, available in SO-8 package



8 Mbit Serial SPI

-40 °C to +85 °C, available in SO-8, DFN8 package


Standard SPI page EEPROM memory expansion board

Standard SPI page EEPROM memory expansion board

Design your new applications with the X-NUCLEO-PGEEZ1 expansion board with M95P32 SPI Page EEPROM. The expansion board can be plugged on top of STM32 Nucleo boards (via ZIO and Arduino® UNO R3 connectors).


Make the jump

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