ST4SIM-300: Flexible eSIM for IoT

eSIM for global IoT connectivity

eSIM for global IoT connectivity

ST4SIM-300 is ST’s first eSIM based on GSMA eSIM for IoT specification. By integrating this product into their design, IoT developers can now enable the best connectivity anywhere, at any time.


ST4SIM-300 offers new possibilities, such as over-the-air profile swaps. The solution comes with a simplified ecosystem, and is ideally suited for small devices without a user interface. It supports constrained networks, such as NB-IoT.

ST4SIM-300: a solution streamlined for IoT

Over-the-air profile swaps

Switch remotely between carriers without physical access to the device.

Fully interoperable

Use different devices and networks, both constrained and non-constrained.

Worldwide coverage

Ensure the best connectivity anywhere on earth by selecting the right carrier locally available.

Key features

  • Based on GSMA SGP.32
  • ETSI & 3GPP release 17
  • Java Card -GlobalPlatform
  • 5G SA
  • HW CC EAL6+
  • IoT & Industrial-grade solution
  • Card plug-ins, MFF2, WLCSP packages
  • GSMA IoT Safe applet

Suitable for a wide range of applications







Everything you need to know about GSMA eSIM for IoT

Everything you need to know about GSMA eSIM for IoT

Never heard of eSIMs for IoT? Read this whitepaper to learn more about this remote SIM provisioning technology for IoT cellular-enabled devices.

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