STM32C0 MCU brings 32-bit kick to 8-/16-bit cost-sensitive applications


ST's most affordable 32-bit MCU makes 32-bit capabilities accessible to all developers

The STM32C0 series is the most cost-effective STM32 MCU. The STM32C0 bridges the gap between 8- or 16-bit MCUs and higher performance 32-bit MCUs. Built on the same technological platform as the STM32G0, the STM32C0 ensures you reduce costs without impacting design quality and reliability.

The STM32C0 series offers up to 32 Kbytes of flash memory and 6 to 12 Kbytes of RAM. It comes in a variety of 8- to 48-pin packages, down to 1.70 x 1.42 mm.

Key features

  • Affordability: helps you reduce costs thanks to an attractive price point and an optimized BOM
  • Reliability: benefits from proven STM32 quality & reliability
  • Continuity: consistent pinout with STM32G0 and shares same technological platform
10 year longevity

Application examples

fridge smart coffee machine Smart home: fridge, oven, coffee machine
wireless mouse Consumer devices: PC peripherals, accessories
smoke detectors alarm Industrial devices: smoke detectors, fire detectors, alarms

Featuring 32K Flash, 12K RAM and single power supply voltage lines for easier PCB designs and lower costs. Standalone debugger/programmer included.

video your next 8-bit mcu is a 32-bit!

Looking to reduce costs without compromising on product quality and reliability? STM32C0 lets developers do more with less!

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  • Follow-up with Q&A (10 minutes)
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